Business Aviation may be defined as use of general aircraft for business. Commercial airline services are normally offered at a higher rate as compared to general flight services. Generally Business Aviation provides special services to its clients both on the board and those on the waiting bay. Such services include meals, beverages etc. Other services involved include movement logistics from the residence hostels to the airport and vice-versa, movement of luggage on the ground and so on. In the past, business aviation services were associated to the business class but today it can be used by any person who is sensitive about time consciousness and budget.
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Standard aviation allows airlines to be owned and operated by individuals or companies. COMPANY AVIATION may tend to specialize in a specific line of carriage. Apart from passenger airlines, there may be other airlines that provide special services e.g. flying doctors, emergency rescue units and even disaster management units. Government may also outsource these services from such companies instead of purchasing. This helps to save the money that would otherwise go to maintenance of such aircraft

Before the boarding an aircraft, the first question that will ring in anybody’s mind is how safe it is. AVIATION SAFETY is paramount and the security personnel must be very keen. The luggage area must be checked and rechecked to ensure that there are no potentially harmful items carried inside. Any item that can be termed as a weapon is strictly prohibited in the aircraft. Especially due to increased signs of terror attacks in some major countries, one has to go through lots of security checks screens and x-rays.

There are a lot of AVIATION BENEFITS that one may get from such airlines. To start with, aviation is the fastest way to respond to emergencies. It hence becomes the best way through which a country can respond to external threats and other sudden occurrences and provide an immediate rescue to the situation. Aviation, just like other industries is also an equal employer since it requires a fairly strong work base.
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Just as other means of travelling, aviation cannot be left behind when talking of possible risks associated with travelling. Since the aircrafts travel in the air, any mechanical failure may mean a very great harm to the people on board and also to the plane itself. However very few records of aircraft accidents exist. An aircraft passes enormous checkups before setting on air. The airline is also monitored through signals every time it is in the air. This helps to minimize AVIATION RISKS since any potential hazard is reported to the control unit.

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